Not All It Can Be Bought With Money Agree?

Money is crucial for survival, without a medium of exchange we may not be able to make ends meet. Money makes some people can do many things than people who do not have it. But no matter how the importance of money, there are still things that can not be bought with money.

1. Time
Use every opportunity to express your attention and affection to the person that you really love and you love, before that time passed and then you regret.

2. Happiness
Money can indeed make you feel with all the things you can buy, but money can not bring a glimmer of happiness from the bottom of our hearts.

3. Happiness Child
Money is basically to help us meet the aspects of parenting, but time has proved that the basic needs of each child is given how much time parents, not the money.

4. Love
Cherish the love, though everything can be bought with money.

5. Acceptance
Focus on the energy in your environment, and trying to accept it.

6. Health
Start a healthy life in a way berol; ahraga, avoid things that would be detrimental to health.

7. Success
Success will be given to people who want to try hard.

8. Talent
Menggagi hone the talents of our ability.

9. Good manners
Not a few people rich rude attitude.

10. Peace
Love peace, because money can make hostility.
07/27/2015 11:34:24
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